Month: February 2021

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Yardfield Colony – The Absorption – Album Sream

LINK: New album stream from Yardfield Colony.

Umbravoid – Endoparasitoid

LINK: New album stream from Umbravoid.

The Scalar Process – Coagulative Matter

LINK: New album stream from The Scalar Process.

Signs Of The Swarm – The Collection

LINK: New video from Signs Of The Swarm.

Virulent Vasectomy – On His Heaven

LINK: New Single from Virulent Vasectomy.

Undeciphered – Of Regrets And Humilation

LINK: New single from Undeciphered.

Take This To Your Grave – Vultures

LINK: New video from Take This To Your Grave.

Suntorn – Disposed In Concerete – Official Guitar Playthrough

LINK: Official guitar playthrough from Suntorn.

Sin Deliverance – Another World

LINK: New single from Sin Deliverance.

Saponification – Carnivorous Rapture


Sanity – Unstoppable – Album Stream

LINK: New ep stream from Sanity.

Revile – Holier Than Thou

LINK: New video from Revile.

Plasmodium – Pseudocidal

LINK: New video from Plasmodium.

Plagueborne – A Blueprint For Annihilation – Album Stream

LINK: New full album stream from Plagueborne.

Pieced Up -Swing Or Be Swung’d

LINK: New single from Pieced Up.

Pathogenic Virulence – Caliginous Devourer – Live Studio Session

LINK: New live studio session from Pathogenic Virulence.

Paleblood – Hubris

LINK: New single from Paleblood.

Old Wharf – Death As My Witness

LINK: New single from Old Wharf.

Nephilim Grinder – Total Destruction Wave

LINK: New video from Nephilim Grinder from “Spiritual Torment”.