Month: March 2021

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The Crown – Scandinavian Satan

LINK: New video from The Crown from “Royal Destroyer”.

Hideous Divinity – Acheron, Stream Of Woe

LINK: New video from Hideous Divinity from “LV-426” EP.

Unhallowed Promethean – Damned Creation

LINK: New single from Unhallowed Promethean.

Sepulcros – Marcha Funebre

LINK: New video from Sepulcros from “Vazio”.

Lurking In The Woods – Tooth And Jaw

LINK: New debut single from Lurking In The Woods.

Exodia – Inhuman Affliction

LINK: New single from Exodia.

Eremit – Secret Powers Entrenched In An Ancient Artifact

LINK:​ New video from Eremit from “Bearer Of Many Names”.

Drill – Veil Of Ignorance

LINK: New video from Drill from the single Veil Of Ignorance / Nomad.

Cryptosis – Death Technology

LINK: New video from Cryptosis from “Bionic Swarm”.

Crown Magnetar – Black Lotus

LINK: New video from Crown Magnetar form “The Codex Of Flesh”.

Celestial Serpent – Intruders

LINK: New demo album stream from Celestial Serpent.

Brainleak – Medically Deranged – Album Stream

LINK: New demo album stream from Brainleak.

Bonecarver – Evil

LINK: New album stream from Bonecarver.

A Pretext To Human Suffering – Cult(ure)

LINK: New video from A Pretext To Human Suffering.

Abscession – Rat Kind Crawl

LINK: New video from Abcession from “Rot Of Ages”.

Abominable Putridity – Parasitic Metamorphosis Manifestation – Album Stream

LINK: New album stream from Abominable Putridity.

Anal Stabwound – The Visceral Soverign

LINK: New video from Anal Stabwound.

Bitterwood – Withdrawl

LINK: New video from Bitterwood.

Parasite – Deep Into The Dark

LINK: New album stream from Parasite.

Plague Of The Fallen – Embodiment Of Misery

LINK: New video from Plague Of The Fallen.