Month: May 2021

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Neurosurgery – Invitation

LINK: New lyric video from Neurosurgery from “An Invi

Mental Cruelty – A Hill To Die Upon

LINK: New video from Mental Cruelty from “A Hill To Die Upon”.

Cardijum – Sleep

LINK: New single from Cardijum.

Necrogod – In Mortal Confinement

LINK: New track from Necrogod from “In Extremis”.

A Pretext To Human Suffering – Rotting Sanctum (Re-Mastered)

LINK: New re-mastered single from A Pretext To Human Suffering.

Human Hell – Amlantah

LINK: New single from Human Hell.

Osiah – Temporal Punishment

LINK: New video from Osiah from “Loss”

Deicide Announce Summer Show In Orlando

Sinister Central Florida death metal legends Deicide announce summer show in Orlando LINK: https://ww

Fatuous Rump – Disintegrated Embodiment

LINK: New video from Fatuous Rump.

Dormanth – Odyssey In Time

LINK: New lyric video from Dormanth from “Complete Downfall”.

Spire Of Lazarus – Soldier Of Sand

LINK: New visualizer from Spire Of Lazarus.

Broken Glass Sanctuary – Sermons From The Unholy Doctrine

LINK: New lyric video from Broken Glass Sanctuary.

Crypts Of Despair – Condemned To Life

LINK: New track from Crypts Of Despair from “All Light Swallowed”.

Send War – Dead Space

LINK: New video from Send War.

Tyrants – Apostle

LINK: New video from Tyrants.

Bled Out – Rot

LINK: New track from Bled Out from “Pain Codex” EP.

Killing Addiction – Prophecy Armageddon

LINK: New song from Killing Addiction from “Mind Of A New God”

Podrectomy – Inhuman Experiment

LINK: New video from Podrectomy.

Distant – Graveborn

LINK: New lyric video from Distant from “Dusk Of Anguish” EP

Plague Of The Fallen – Descent Into Insanity

LINK: New video from Plague Of The Fallen from “Ble