Month: July 2021

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Bludgeoned – Genocidal Processes

LINK: New video from Bludgeoned from “Summary Execu

Blood Red Throne – Itika

LINK: New video from Blood Red Throne from “Imperial Congregation”.

Waking the Cadaver – Threaten Physical Force

LINK: New video from Waking The Cadaver from “Auth

Fetid Zombie – Conscious Rot

LINK: New video from Fetid Zombie.

Misery Index – When Glory Beckons

LINK: New Misery Index Bolt Thrower cover song from “Coffin Up The Nai

Aborted – Impetus Odi

New video from Aborted from “Mania Cult”. ABORTED “MANIA CULT” ACTION FIGURES PRE-ORDER AVAIL