Month: December 2021

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Napalm Death – Narcissus

LINK: New video from Napalm Death from “”Resentment is Always Seismic

Archgoat – Worship The Eternal Darkness – Album Stream

LINK: New album stream from Arch Goat.

Hypocrisy – Worship

LINK: New video from Hypocrisy.

Shiva – The Nameless – Slipknot Cover

LINK: New video from Shiva.

Locked Up – SR50

LINK: New video from Locked Up.

Sanity – Reject Humanity

LINK: New video from Sanity featuring Mark Woelkers.

Lock Up – Dark Force Of Conviction

New video from Lock Up from “The Dregs Of Hades”.

Cutterred Flesh – Vibrio Vulnificus

LINK: New video from Cutterred Flesh.

Paganizer – Down The Path Of Decay

LINK: New track from Paganizer from “Beyond The Macabre”.

Nylist – Broken Glass Featuring Suicide Silence

LINK: New video form Nylist featuring Mark Heylmun of Suicide Silence.

Freehowling – The Bodies Fall Just Like The Leaves

LINK: New video from Freehowing.

Enemy 906 – Righteous Beheading – Album Stream

LINK: New album stream from Enemy 906.

At The Gates – Cosmic Pessimism

LINK: New video from At The Gates from “The Nightmare Of Being”.

Bludgeoned – Summary Execution Album Stream

LINK: New album stream from Bludgeoned.

Hellfrost And Fire – Black Secrets In The Splintering Walls

LINK: New track from Hellfrost And Fire.

Gutrectomy – Shrine Of Disgust

LINK: New video from Gutrectomy.

Pyrexia – Rule Of 2

LINK: New video from Pyrexia from “Gravitas Maximus”.

Amorphis – The Moon

LINK: New video from Amorphis from “Halo” out February 11.

Jasta Featuring Corpsegrinder – They Want Your Soul

LINK: New video from Jasta featuring George “Corpsegrinder” Fishe