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Dodsferd – Skoadi

LINK:http://www.tometal.com New track from Dodsferd from “Skotos”.

Gorgon – Blood Of Sorcerer

LINK: https://osmoseproductions.bandcamp.com/album/traditio-satanae New video from Gorgon from &#8220

Deneb – Nedelin

LINK: https://deneb-band.bandcamp.com/ New video from Deneb from “First Launch”.

Diskord – Abnegations

LINK: http://www.tometal.com New video from Diskord from “Degenerations”.

Belvebuth – Malefic Manipulation

LINK: https://belvebuth.bandcamp.com/ New single from Belvebuth.

Ruin In Progress – Cerebellum

LINK: https://ruininprogress.bandcamp.com/ New single from Ruin In Progress from “Materia&#8221

Necrogod – Bringers Of Blasphemy

LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s–b8MKeutc New single from Necrogod from “In Extrem

Epitomectomy – Shitted Up

LINK: https://www.facebook.com/epitomectomy New single from Epitomectomy from “The Epitome Of F

Raineyes – Blinded By Despair

LINK: https://www.facebook.com/RainEyes-106781477986180/ New single Raineyes.

Absolute Hate – Plague Bearer

LINK: https://absolutehateofficial.bandcamp.com New single from Absolute Hate.

Vinnytsia Fatalities – A Lot Like Vegas

LINK: https://vinnytsiafatalities.bandcamp.com/ New single from Vinnytsia Fatalities.

Hog Slammer – Life On Death Row – EP Stream

LINK: https://hogslammer.bandcamp.com New EP stream from Hog Slammer “Life On Death Row”.

Mental Cruelty – King Ov Fire

LINK: https://orcd.co/ahilltodieupon New video from Mental Cruelty from “A Hill To Die Upon&#82

Arbitrator – Scorn

LINK: https://arbitratorus.bandcamp.com/ New single from Arbitrator from “Forsaken” EP.

Domestic Terror – In Favor Of Public Execution

LINK: https://domesticterror.bandcamp.com/ New video from Domestic Terror.

Bludgeoned – Genocidal Processes

LINK: https://www.facebook.com/bludgeonedofficial New video from Bludgeoned from “Summary Execu

Blood Red Throne – Itika

LINK: http://www.bloodredthrone.com New video from Blood Red Throne from “Imperial Congregation”.

Waking the Cadaver – Threaten Physical Force

LINK: https://orcd.co/authoritythroughintimidation New video from Waking The Cadaver from “Auth

Fetid Zombie – Conscious Rot

LINK: https://tometal.com/ New video from Fetid Zombie.